Klaas Meijer Floors
Ground leveler
Tidal beddings


We made an inside or outside bedding on the following locations.

– H.J.C. Manege, Tolbert

– Hippisch Centrum, Exloo

– Manege Boekweitakkers, Dalerveen

– Manege Biessum, Delfzijl

– Ted Kop Jansen, Diever

– Stal Renken, Klijndijk

– Stal Henswoude, Oldeboarn

– Sybren Minkema & Jolanda Schreuder, Frieschepalen

– Klein Oever, Balkbrug

– IICH Groningen  

– Ch Eext

– Stal Zoer, Echten

– Christian Glanemann

– Stal de Mersken, Siegerswoude

– Manege Lipizza, Veendam

bak bodem zand


A good bedding starts with first grade quality sand. Sand is the base for the bedding, as from there the rest of the bedding is built.

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Klaas Meijer bodems is an importer of cofaibre. This is a fibre that consists mainly of connective fibres that give the bedding a lot of load bearing capacity.

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bak bodem eb en vloed


A tidal bedding allows you to (automatically) regulate the moisture level so that your bedding is always in optimal condition

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