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The ebb and flood floor, with a size of 45m x 70m, in the new hall of the HJC riding school in Tolbert is laid by Klaas Meijer Bodems.


A Arena requires a professional’s knowledge in the field of soil as well as horses. A good Arena is dependent on the soil and the correct order of the entire construction. Klaas Meijer bodems has a lot of experience in Arena bedding, such as manage bedding, arenas and pastures. Apart from the suited soil we also offer first rate cofaibre fibres, which support an improved stability for the top layer of your bedding.

Klaas Meijer Bodems

Tidal bedding

A good Arena has a good foundation at its disposal. The stability is determined by the balance of moisture in the sand (this is true for both indoor- as well as outdoor pastures). This can be achieved in two ways. By the means of adding water on the top (spraying), or by adding water from below. The latter is also called: Tidal bedding


Klaas Meijer knows that laying the bedding of a good Arena is of utmost importance to keep your horses healthy. A hard surface would give your horse more traction, but could result in harm and sprains rather quickly. A floor that is too soft on the other hand is better for the horse’s joints, but also demands a lot more energy from the horse as they slog through the soil.


For every bedding, maintenance is of great importance. Klaas Meijer bodems has the knowledge as well as the materials to maintain your bedding or renovate it professionally.

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We also have tractors!

We also have tractors to maintain your bedding!

The highest quality

Klaas Meijers has been a large company for several years. Which is why we have more than enough experience in building and maintaining horse pastures. We can install a new pasture for you and we can also maintain it. If you prefer to maintain your own bedding, we also sell tractors and pullers. This way you can maintain your own pasture easily. We only want to offer top quality. For more information, please visit the contact page.

The highest quality
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